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Corporate policy of OQEMA

We are family

OQEMA has been a successful family-owned company since its foundation in 1922. Now in its third generation, the family aspect is clearly perceptible when it comes to executives, the shareholder families - and the families of employees. This solid foundation and our long-term focus is what makes the difference, both in the market and with customers.


We are Mittelstand

Companies such as present-day OQEMA must strike a balance. Firmly anchored on the one hand within a mid-sized, family-oriented tradition based on its beginnings as a smaller company and on the other within a multicorporate enterprise structures, we are now liable to the new rules applicable for larger companies dealing with more complex tasks and structures.

Doing one thing without neglecting the other! Not copying major operators without reflection and falling into the trap of inadequate bureaucratic confusion, yet still permitting further development and thinking anew, without insisting on "we've always done it that way". Such is the balance we need to manage while focusing on - 'we are Mittelstand!'! Indeed, that is what we represent with passion and conviction. We remain certain that the virtues of Mittelstand culture create business advantages, represent the ideal work form for employees and help avoid economic nonsense. The benefits gained from short decision paths, the endeavour to keep the complexity of decision and organisational processes as low as possible and not to overrate formal requirements while continuing to focus on the good of the company, its customers and suppliers - that is our goal. The lager we grow, however, the more difficult it becomes to sustain it. That is a fact we are well aware of, but we intend to preserve the benefits for as long as possible.


Customers are the focus of our activities

Our corporate success is based on satisfied customers. Innovation, flexibility and outstanding services increase customer satisfaction, thereby ensuring further growth for the company. Therefore, quality management is also of central importance to us.


Our market

For more than 20 years we have been part of a market subject to a sustainable structural transformation which, eventually, changes everything: the trend towards concentration is an integral part of everyday reality for chemical distributors. Speaking for Germany specifically: 40 Mittelstand companies that were our market partners in 1990 no longer exist. We, however, are still here and proud of it - and we'd like it to stay that way. Therefore, we need to proactively accompany the trend towards concentration. Dismissing market adaption processes and hanging on to days gone by is not going to do anything for us. We are an integral part of the system that accounts for growth and also needs growth.


Our employees are our greatest potential

"Demand and encourage" has always been our concept, and we have understood that only dedicated, satisfied employees can contribute high levels of performance and commitment. For this reason we specifically support individual responsibility and initiative and also sharpen an awareness for quality and safety.

As a Mittelstand company we know that dealing with employees means dealing with people. And dealing with people requires humanity. We can and wish to make use of our employees' strength, and in return we need to and want to tolerate weaknesses as well, at least as far as possible. We are straightforward and authentic. We avoid parroting half-truths. We also wish to think further - and view more deeply. We strive to be more precise and more focused. We think critically in the face of tendential modernist trends. We search for the core.

Our employees think and speak, among themselves and with their supervisors. Clearly and truthfully. Disagreeable situations can and should be addressed, and contradictions must also be tolerated in this regar.

The tolerance of errors is not a sign of neglect in this respect but an open acknowledgement of the situation. Employees are people, and people are great. We handle criticism openly.

We always stay fair through all of it. We remain people.

We know that this is a high standard to meet. Perhaps we do not always achieve this target to 100%, but we keep trying, steadily and sustainbly!


Quality? Safe to say!

A continuous improvement in environmental and health protection as well as plant safety and quality (CIP) is focused on with all processes. Furthermore, our activities are governed by the responsible handling of our environment and a philosophy of suistainability. In this regard we also consider the well-being of our neighbours and the public domain in addition to protecting our natural environment. Compliance with all legislative regulations is a fundamental matter of course for us as part of our Responsible Care©. 


Growth based on tradition

Situated between the desire for maintaining the strengths of a small or mid-sized company and confronted with the reality of expanding towards market-relevant magnitudes, we take the necessary steps. We aim to develop our market position far beyond the German region. We strive for international expertise and declare our affinity for Europe.

OQEMA's European focus is continously being developed through important corporate partnerships and ongoing acquisition activities.

This of course costs money. Financial resources are necessary to an extent the the Mittelstand sector frequently finds challenging. Our declared belief in open systems and our approach towards new developments with an open mind has led to more flexibility in the area of corporate financing - a financial investor has had a silent partnership as minority shareholder since 2015. This in turn provides us with the resources to move within reach of our growth targets.

These steps also make us flexible and create synergies. Strategic alignment and an innovative philosophy are the foundations of long-term success for OQEMA.