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Corporate Compliance

For us at OQEMA, economic success and corporate social responsibility have always belonged together. Responsible and lawful conduct, both internally and externally, is an elementary aspect of our corporate culture. They form the basis for the trust that our customers, principals, business partners and the general public place in us. It is all a question of mutual respect, our dealings with business partners and public authorities, conflicts of interests, risk avoidance and prevention, health, the environment, safety and many other topics. It goes without saying that we comply with the law in all our business activities. Failure to do so is not a minor misdemeanour. It harms the reputation of our company and can lead to serious legal consequences for us. Every single one of us is therefore obliged to act responsibly and to comply with the law.

The internationalisation of our business and the large number and complexity of the laws and regulations involved inevitably increase the risk of violations of the law.

Corporate compliance means lawful and proper conduct and is the guideline for all our decisions and our conduct. A binding minimum standard.

Executive Board of OQEMA AG


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