OQEMA - Overlack AG

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A company based on the strongest of roots

Founded in 1922, OQEMA is now one of the leading companies in the European chemical distribution market. In recent years, we have grown continually and beyond average growth rates to a position where we now represent one of the top five companies within Germany and Eastern Europe. Whatever the location: our strength lies in our expert knowledge of regional supply and demand markets.

And we have always stayed true to our self-concept: OQEMA considers itself a family business. The values we hold are intentionally traditional, and our aim is not to achieve rapid success but to instil durability and stability for the long term. For this reason, long-term reliability, continuity and sustainable business growth are an essential part of the corporate culture here at OQEMA.

At the head of OQEMA is OQEMA AG, which is responsible for all business functions and also for developing the company to enter new regions and markets.

Tonnage: 1.200.000 t
Turnover: 670 million euros
Employees: 965
Site area: 750.000 m²
Countries: 17