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OQEMA France

Our colleagues in France are a recent addition to the family. In order to gain a foothold in the French market, the two mid-sized companies Stockmeier and OQEMA, have launched a joint-venture - KEM AG (Quaron AG since 2012) - which took over the long established French company Quaron (France) on 1 January 2011.

Like OQEMA, Quaron (France) has a long company history which dates back as far as 1909. It is one of the three largest French chemical distributors, has a yearly turnover of around 100 M€, and with its 5 sites throughout France, is strategically well situated.
The experienced sales staff operate in many markets - from the traditional chemical industry, through feed and food, to business users.

Bruno Lafabregue is responsible for managing this company.


Bruno Lafabregue
Bruno Lafabregue, CEO
T +33 2 99 29 46 53
F +33 2 99 29 46 03


You can reach our sales team through our homepage of Quaron France SA.