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OQEMA in Bulgaria

Our numerous connections to various suppliers both domestically and abroad, our sound pricing policy and our close contact to our customers are factors contributing to our growing success in Bulgaria. We intend to strengthen our involvement with local manufacturers to complement our strong partnerships with leading international manufacturers. OQEMA EOOD is an ambitious company, active in all sectors in which chemical raw materials are required. All products included in the OQEMA product range are distributed from this company, particularly solvents, intermediates, latex and additive dispersions, silica, silanes and pigment pastes.

Rudi Toshev is responsible for managing this company.



Rudi Toshev
Rudi Toshev, Managing Director
T +359 2 9831991
F +359 2 4162960


Neli Georgieva
Neli Georgieva, Sales
T +359 2 9831991
F +359 2 4162960
Peter Velichkov
Peter Velichkov, Product Manager
T +359 2 9831991
F +359 2 4162960