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OQEMA in Slovenia

(responsible also for sales in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia)

Slovenia is a country with a historically very important geographical location in central Europe, traditionally representing a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe. With its position at the Adriatic see and historical links to all neighbouring countries and other countries of former Yugoslavia, Slovenia represents an important business partner for many other countries in the European Union, especially for Germany, Italy, France and Austria. Slovenia offers many advantages and also challenges for economy due to its membership in the European Union, its position in the Schengen area, as well as having the Euro as national currency.

Slovenia has very diversified industry with substantial requirements for any kind of chemicals, both inorganic and organic.

OQEMA has decided to establish its own company in Slovenia in their 100 % ownership in the second half of 2011. As market potential in chemicals distribution, it has significant prospects for growth both in Slovenia, as well as in neighbouring Croatia. Local staff, with long-year experience in chemical distribution business on the market, is implementing OQEMA business standards, adjusted to local market requirements.

Dr. Petar Patak and Iztok Brglez are responsible for managing the company.



Peter Patak
Peter Patak, Managing Director
T +36 1464 4904
F +36 1464 4991
Iztok Brglez
Iztok Brglez, Executive Director
T +386 59 096 981
F +386 59 096 990