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OQEMA in Serbia

The Serbian chemicals distribution market is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, it is already up and running. We have had a representative office in Serbia since 2005, as we wanted to establish close contact with our customers in Serbia right from the very beginning. This representative office is a subsidiary of the Hungarian Novochem company, a company in which OQEMA is jointly involved and which deal with the distribution of chemicals from Synthomer Chemie and Evonik. Other chemical activities will carried out by OQEMA in Slovenia on the Serbian market.

Dr Peter Patak is responsible for managing this office.


Peter Patak
Peter Patak, Managing Director
T +36 1464 4904
F +36 1464 4991


Anemari Karh
Anemari Karh, Sales
T +381 230 82904
F +381 230 82904