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Our associated company in Grevenbroich is involved in wholesale and in importing/exporting chemical raw materials and renewable natural products. The most significant customer countries are Germany and neighbouring countries. As far as procurement is concerned, products are imported from North and South America as well as Southeast Asia.

The range of products includes dibasic ester and its fractions, C-12 intermediates, terpene products, solvents and other specialities.

Lemro does not simply regard itself as a trading company in the traditional sense, but also as an innovator for the industry. True to its slogan proclaiming ‘The safe alternative’, the company helps users to replace toxic substances with products that are far better for the environment.

Depending on demand and locality, Lemro occasionally uses services provided by warehouse keepers. A large amount of the products being traded are delivered to the customers straight from the supplier.

Heribert Grüter is responsible for running this company.


Heribert Grüter, Managing Director
T +49 2181 2392 00
F +49 2181 2392 33


Norbert Granderath
Norbert Granderath, Sales Marketing / QMB
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F +49 2181 239234
Andrea Wellerdick
Andrea Wellerdick, Sales
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Heike Potkura
Heike Potkura, Sales
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Ingrid Schilhabel
Ingrid Schilhabel, Administration
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