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Juli.O (Logistics)

Our associated company in Jülich is a chemical logistics company that specialises in consolidating the transportation of goods within the Overlack Group, the Hoesch company and third-party partner companies.

Juli.O organises all transport activities in the areas involving general cargo and tank lorries. By using online scanners for all interfaces at package level and a Web-based track and trace system, Juli.O guarantees a smooth and transparent workflow at all times.

The company’s fleet includes 35 vehicles with a loading capacity of between 6 and 24 tonnes for transporting solids and 11 tank lorries with a loading capacity of 25 tonnes each. Where long-distance transports are involved, Juli.O works together closely with several renowned transport service providers. GPS technology is used to support all of our vehicles.

Stephan Bürger is in charge of operational management.

Tonnage: 120,000 t
Turnover: EUR 8 million
Employees: 65
Site area: 4,000 m²


Stephan Bürger
Stephan Bürger, Managing Director
T +49 2461 40675 20
F +49 2161 356 4520